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Welcome to the Feel Heal Share blog. A collection of articles about making healthy connections for your wellbeing. Our journal will cover many fields – science, art, healing and more. We would love you to return regularly and share our thoughts and website with others.

What are you tuning into?

Are you on repeat play or yearning for something else in 2021 ? As I come out of hibernation, my body is leading me to new pastures and conversations and.. Read more

The Mallow flower

I have always been interested in the healing properties of herbs and now more recently flowers. They are the manifested beauty of a planted seed or bulb and as such.. Read more

Aloha and Covid19

The dissolution and revising of the shared breath Having spent many wonderful months over the last few years on the island on Hawaii I have come to appreciate a greater.. Read more

Lokahi – peace and unity

Unity in freedom to serve each other All medicine and prayer circles are based on this Hawaiian word of unity, balance and harmony, lokahi. We are present for each other.. Read more

Navigating by our cellular magnets

Did you know that one of our primal senses is magnetoreception? Magnetoreception describes our innate ability to detect and respond to the earth’s magnetic field. We truly do have our.. Read more

Cuban Oregano

Cuban Oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus) Oregano is known for its protective immune properties. It is good for both bacteria and viruses. On the Big Island of Hawaii a patch of land.. Read more


Jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) I was ‘awake dreaming’ on how I could help with Coronavirus 19. The image of a tree with black fruit came to me. I knew from my.. Read more

Using Concentra for knee pain

RL had been given a diagnosis of gout. A month earlier he had been taken in an ambulance to hospital with excruciating knee pain where he remained for 3 days.. Read more