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Empower the true healer in you

Understanding the body as pure energy with its endless potential to change, brings new meaning to the word health. As your relationship with beginnings and endings becomes clearer and change is recognized and welcomed, the clarity and content of your mind changes. The experience of health returns and each breath becomes a purposeful moment of connection propelling you into action again.

We can help if you feel challenged with…

  • Discovering or taking your next step with life
  • Persistant pain
  • A medical diagnosis
  • Recovering from a traumatic event
  • Support with manifesting an idea you wish to share with the world
  • A transitional phase in your life where you seek the wisdom of knowing

……and with any other issues you would like to feel empowered with

Give to yourself the time to take action for your wellness and answer the deep longing in you.

We are all here to help each other navigate life during these times of challenging yet exciting possibilities. Let us show you how to find your own health and spiritual compass, Concentra, so you can always find your bearings wherever you may be…

How we can help you

Together we illuminate what must awaken to fulfil your deepest desires of wellness.

We help you to see the body as your friendly guide no matter what you are experiencing. With the tools given you can transform any pain and the form it has created.

We help you to stay focused on the present and with an eye on the future and reveal the inner stillness of the body; that nourishment that sustains and frees you.

We help you uncover the abundance of resources and gifts you already have and the discovery of new ones; listening and trusting in your inner voice.

About our sessions

All ‘In Person’ sessions include hands on treatment to relieve pain, energise, potentiate and balance the body. Guided meditations, working with nature’s elements, specific breath work and exercises will also be shared. Integral to your healing space is the willingness to dialogue with all that appears. If you would like a meeting with Alison in person there are different options. Please see our diary page to see where we are. Alison can travel to your location for extended programmes.

All skype sessions include guided breath work, elemental and nature meditations to balance and harmonise your physicality, supplying the foundation needed for change. A personal programme for you to continue at home will include the above, as well as journalling and other modalities to ‘create yourself anew.’ You will become familiar with how to use and personalise Concentra.


Initial Heart to Heart chat – 20minFree
Consultation by Skype – 1hr 30min£100.00
Further Skype Sessions – 1hr£80.00
‘In Person’ Consultation – 1hr 30min£100.00
Further ‘In Person’ Sessions – 1hr£80.00
Young Persons up to age 14yrs£25.00
1-9 month’s mentoring and supportEnquire

How we take payment for future sessions
Once a session has been agreed we will send you a Paypal invoice. Payment is required before the session please see our T&Cs.

Feel Heal Share information forms
We will send you details on how to prepare for each session to ensure you receive maximum benefit. Following each session we ask you to read information on how to assist with the integration of the changes that are being embodied.

Any questions?
Please email us about anything.
We are always willing to help and point you in the right direction!

Enquire about our sessions

I saw Alison a few years ago for an under active thyroid. I was always feeling tired which I had been urged by doctors to go on meds for. After a series of sessions I was feeling great and Alison recommended I went for more blood tests and they have been clear ever since. I was more recently diagnosed with MS and we have worked together again. Alison has been a huge support to me throughout. She has been there for me 110 % and I am very grateful to her. I am feeling quite a bit better and several people have commented on my progress. She has given me tools to continue to help myself on this road to recovery and I am extremely grateful to have been given this chance to get to know myself better.

(BS Kent)