Concentra Healing

In daring to feel we begin to heal and share who we truly are

Concentra healing enables us to connect the physical body with the emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves. It illuminates for us where we hold our pain and stress and guides us easily to release them. It helps us realign from the separation we feel in our bodies and minds, reminding us of the faith and trust we have even with feelings of uncertainty. Concentra builds bridges and ever greater connection between ourselves and nature, moving us towards a deeper alliance with the whole self.

This process of looking within and seeking another perspective and ‘re-membering,’  brings new awareness which profoundly influences our health and wellbeing. Our physical bodies respond to our focused care and healing of the problem begins.

As we approach life with greater coherence and alignment in ourselves, we are able to share more of our uniqueness of spirit, trusting in the support that we see and feel inside and out. We feel safer and fall into our hearts and bodies while our cells resonate with those timeless qualities that we acknowledge and call home. The saying, “Home is where the heart is” is so true and when we live from our ‘seeing’ hearts the world outside looks different. We gracefully live as this presence, as nature, benevolently sharing with all. 

We start to determine the course of our lives and turn towards the deeper rhythms and beat of our hearts. Any anxiety of the future or fears from the past fall by the wayside, as we open to being and sharing the gifts we bring to the present. Learning to spend more time in the present opens us to the space of insights and awareness, connecting us to greater wisdom and understanding. 

Concentra empowers us to live more fully from the centre of our own being.

It Felt Love

Did the Rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its 

It felt the encouragement of Light
Against its 

We all remain




(Hazif – The Gifttranslation by Daniel Ladinsky – pg 121, Penguin Random House,1999)