Meet The Founder

” Sharing Together – creating greater health, wisdom and understanding”

Alison’s experiential philosophy to health

“As we become at one with the intelligent forces of nature, returning to the roots, the soil and the heavens we heal All.”

Energising, guiding, supporting, encouraging, focusing and empowering are the loving gifts that I bring to any personal session, workshop and retreat. Helping you to feel and achieve the authentic expression of yourself brings joy, laughter, truth and inspiration to all. This spontaneous force opens any doors.

The presence we bring to understanding is so valuable when helping those in pain. New perceptions of support, joy and abundance turn many situations around. To be fully in this present moment, pono as the Hawaiians call it, is to be one with all of nature and divinity. It is a creative starting point to building bridges towards fresh ideas and healing connections. 

English background

I was born in England and entered the health profession at the age of 17 and trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist. I worked within the National Health Service for 10 years before starting and running a multidisciplinary holistic clinic on the edge of the Kentish shoreline for 25 years. We treated a multitude of health conditions and specialised in chronic pain receiving referrals from the local hospitals and doctors. As well as furthering my traditional Western medical training I studied many alternative ideas both ancient and new. I spent a year at Curtin University in Perth examining in more detail the physicality of the body, meeting many inspirational physiotherapists in the process. I was always drawn to work with the more difficult health problems, relishing a challenge, so I was grateful for more guidance and experience. On returning home I shared what I had learnt, running courses for postgraduate physiotherapists for 15 years. I was also guided to speak in other parts of the world.

Over the years I have come to appreciate more fully what it means to heal body, mind and spirit; the expression of our human and divine energies. It drew me to investigate indigenous healing ideas which I now integrate during a session. I have created a healing modality called Concentra that brings together all aspects of my work and life experience.

Now and Onward

More recently the islands of Hawaii called to me, a place to continue my journey and to realise my unfolding visions. The subtle whispers of the elements of nature together with the spirt of Aloha, the presence of the sacred in all things, are wonderful teachers. On your journey to sustainable health and joyful living I would love to share with you the harmony and alchemic healing of nature’s elements, including the plants and food, helping to further reconciliation between the land, the individual and communities near and far.

Countless people have passed through my hands and together we have shared many valuable and miraculous experiences. These are great blessings for which I am eternally grateful. As I continue to grow in awareness and understanding, freeing my emotions and physical body I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you all that I am and will be. 

Please continue to explore the site to see how we can help you.

Working with Alison is a co- creative, exciting and profound experience. It touches and heals me, so deeply, at a myriad of levels. Amazing. Thank you.

(LT Kent)