‘The Concentra’ workshop

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The Concentra Workshop

We will share the process of Concentra, movement in body and the healing elements of nature to help us in listening to the deep wisdom within our physicality, freeing us from pain and returning us to wellness.


  • 2 days
  • 12 people, 1 facilitator
  • 24 people, 2 facilitators
  • 9.30-5pm, 1hr lunch
  • £180

We will help you to

  • Discover the amazing innate healing capabilities of our bodies.
  • Develop the subtle receptive qualities that will guide us whilst using Concentra in a healing session.
  • Direct the new cells of regeneration that are birthed every day in our body with radiant love and clarity.
  • Deep listening to our healing heart space and the centre of universal wisdom.
  • Be the driving force to the changes we want to feel in our bodies, in our lives and in community with the Earth.
  • Become more intimate with ourselves and with the presence of the vastness that surrounds us.
  • Know our daily requirements of focus to support these infinite spontaneous and dynamic changes.

Activites we will share together

Individual ‘hands on’ healing

Partner work

Circle sharing

Interactions with nature

Guided movements


There will be plenty of time for discussions, inner reflections and sharing.


Familiarisation with the process of Concentra, reading the available free section from the forthcoming book.
A desire to learn a universal law of communication.
An open mind to allow new connections to spontaneously form

Please look at the diary page to see the time and place for the next course.

The Course Facilitators

Alison Lingwood

Alison has worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist, kinesiologist and energetic healer for over 35 years and has run short and year long courses in the UK and abroad. Her passion is for you to know and receive the healing potential of your physical body and spiritual heart, turning deep longings into reality. 

In her free time Alison loves to work with nature in the garden and kitchen, swim with the dolphins and spend time with her family and friends.

Claire Reid

Claire is a holistic physiotherapist and works at her own practice in Folkestone and at a spinal specialist clinic in Wye. She specialises in hypermobility and chronic pain. Claire has worked alongside Alison learning and using Concentra.

In her free time Claire enjoys walking her dog, being a Mum, swimming and crafting jewellery and cards.