‘The Therapeutic Space’ workshop

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Moving in, moving on, moving together in the therapeutic space – An exploration and deeper understanding of ourselves as therapists. To acknowledge the gifts we already bring to the therapeutic space whilst deepening our awareness to more that we offer.

“To be present for all in perfect timing in All ways”


  • 2 days
  • 20 people
  • 9.30-5pm, 1 hr lunch
  • £180, payment before April 30th, £160

This workshop brings to our awareness the importance of the presence we bring as an individual or as a professional therapist to any situation. It is designed for everyone who holds space for others; physiotherapists, reflexologists, chiropractors, doctors, those who use reiki, EFT, teachers, carers, counsellors and all therapists who wish to share more healing bridges with their clients. To stay in truth and understanding for each other is the essence of connective healing. The balanced focus of ourselves present on our Earth is an important step to creating a healing dynamic safe space.

Activities we will share together over the 2 days

Partner work

Circle sharing

Focusing with guided movement

The Concentra Process

Exploring the mutability of clay

Meditations with nature

Mini vision quest

Labyrinth walk

You will receive handouts, reflective exercises and tools for your continuing personal discovery of our hearts’ beating rhythms.

What can I bring?

A desire to experience a more intimate connection with yourself.
Areas for transformation in your work space.

Please look at the diary page to see the time and place for the next course.

The course facilitators

Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay has worked as a Creative Arts and Play Therapist, for over twenty years and run courses for Leeds Beckett and Christ Church University, at home and abroad. Now she is a freelance Senior Supervisor, and enjoys using sand, clay and mandalas in her work. Her toolkit also includes EFT and Reiki.

In her free time Lindsay enjoys creating mosaics, singing, and bird watching. 

Alison Lingwood

Alison has worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist, kinesiologist and energetic healer for over 35 years and has run short and year long courses in the UK and abroad. Her passion is for you to know and receive the healing potential of your physical body and spiritual heart, turning deep longings into reality; bringing back your ‘get up and go.’ 

In her free time Alison loves to work with nature in the garden and kitchen, swim with the dolphins and spend time with her family.

“Reflective practice has its roots in the Enlightenment idea that we can stand outside of ourselves and come to a clearer understanding of what we do and who we are by freeing ourselves of distorted ways of reasoning and acting”

Stephen D. Brookfield, Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995) pg 214.