‘The Wonder of Us’ workshop

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Rising to your full potential. A workshop designed to honour and welcome all parts of ourselves and support their integration in balanced and loving ways. We are many people in the one body. As we find more clarity with our inner and outer voices, we free ourselves from any perceived boundaries and our lives become richer for it.

“We seek outside the wonders we carry inside us” Rumi


  • 2 days
  • 20 people
  • 9.30-5 pm, 1 hr for lunch
  • £180

The Wonder of Us programme

This workshop helps to shift us from habitual patterns into the deepening presence of connectivity. When we engage with experiences that touch us deeply, we remember our divinity and our focus changes. Our spiritual hearts resonate with these deeper values and truths. This is healing, this is living, these are our new opportunities.  
When we choose to be our own maker, co-creating with the universe it is an exciting and wondrous journey.

We will discover

The strategies we use to hide ourselves

The strategies we use to control our surroundings

Our hidden talents that are waiting to germinate

New connections in the cosmos

We will open to

The aliveness of the present moment

The unknown and meeting our creativity

The gifts we already share with the world

A deeper more intimate connection with self

A sample of activities during the two days

What can I bring ?

A lively passionate curiosity and intent to share everything we are and are becoming.

Nothing is created outside of ourselves, the seed is present within