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Finding the presence of healing in you

I have always believed that it is possible to heal your self. Illness, disease and pain can simply be a threshold to entering into that deep desire to experience something different. Through this engagement we can explore our healing potential, working with our inherent wisdom. We choose to address that heartfelt longing inside ourselves. Perseverance and faith are required at every unfolding turn of the journey.

Developing our potential energy opens those doors to our health. It is an innate ability which we all share. The spontaneous energy of creativity gives us the chance to regenerate no matter what age we are, endlessly, time and time again. It surrounds us all and is called by many names, a universal field of infinite potential. It is our spiritual essence. In that moment of rediscovery, the spark is captured and the tension releases, the heart recalibrates to a deeper connection. This heartfelt awareness encourages us to step forward courageously and take the right action in our lives. Focus is essential.

Our bodies are true masterpieces, crafted exquisitely yet mysteriously changeable at the same time. Our personal systems hold a complex community of over a 100 trillion cells vibrating in creation with the outside world. Acknowledging them as such is to honour and master our unique capabilities. We literally pulse to our own beat. As we continue to focus, we feel once again our wholeness and experience the gratitude and delight of life, freely moving with the ocean’s tides.

For over 35 years our founder Alison has been working with herself and our clients in co-operation with nature’s harmony. She has honoured her beliefs and ideas about health and healing turning her dreams from possibilities into tools. It is her passion to help individuals with chronic pain and illness to feel truly alive. Determination, desire and curiosity give us the energy and changing forces required to sustain us.

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Your Health and Spiritual Compass Concentra

Concentra is a method to improve pain and the health of your physical body. It has been used successfully for more than 7 years with a variety of health conditions. By focusing our attention on the mental, emotional and spiritual components of any pain or problem, our bodies change, aligning with the emerging potentiality of the new energetic connections.

We are at the centre of all healing connections

Concentra is a creative navigational tool and helps us to regain our stable and dynamic centre of flow. It activates the powerful intuitive and instinctive receptors we all possess and often fail to utilise. Living and working in the busy and chaotic world of today our relationships and health suffer. It is easy to become overwhelmed by pain, fear, anxiety and sadness and we desire a different focus. It is essential for us to find a daily practise to centre ourselves, reestablishing healthy, expansive and reciprocal connections. Concentra gives us access to levels of awareness that support us to make decisions that are deeply informed as we enter into union with our bodies. Concentra can be used on our own, when helping another or in a group setting.

If your heart is broken make art with the pieces’ (Shane Koyczan)

In Concentra ideas and experiences from Shamanic, Christian, Hawaiian and Buddhist teachings from the Bon tradition have been brought together into a simple form of action.

This is the link to the chapter from my forthcoming book Daring to Feel – Awakening the healer within

FeelHealShare has had an outstanding effect on my life, both physically and emotionally. I no longer plod through my life, I now glide. I am able to use the tools I have been taught on a day to day basis or when needed. I have let go of stuck, stagnant energies that were causing Dis-Ease on an emotional and physical level. I am now freer, calmer, unblocked and liberated. Bringing in nature and being the elements and using Ho’oponopono are very powerful tools which I am able to pass onto those who also feel stuck in their lives.

(LR Kent)