What are you tuning into?

Are you on repeat play or yearning for something else in 2021 ?

As I come out of hibernation, my body is leading me to new pastures and conversations and ideas from the world around me. It sure does make me feel more like myself, alive and ready.

Our natural world is such a powerful ally and teacher constantly changing, creating and dying with the rhythms of the seasons and cycles of time. It led me to ask what to do with our Christmas tree, a Koreana pine, that had given us so much pleasure over the festive time. It was purchased from a local farm.

I decided to make a hydrosol with the fresh pine branches and an infused oil as well as drying some needles for tea.

My first delight was the wonderful smell released as the steam condensed into water and collected in the jug. The hydrosol not only cleansed the room but lightened my body and gave my cells a jiggling reset. The copper still continued to produce the scented freshness for a couple more hours. Bliss.

What to create now with this pure natural water extract from the pine? Mister sprays are a wonderful way to experience the vibrational element of the plant and combined with flower essences work on many levels of our subtle sensory bodies.

The infused oil has many wonderful properties and reduces pain and inflammation as well as providing anti -oxidants. It will combine well with the other oils I have made over the summer including Rosemary, St John’s Wort and Daisy to make a massage oil and salve.

The pine needle tea as well as tasting good is full of Vitamin C.

Watch this space for more of nature’s heavenly creations. Which plant will call next?

What can you recycle, create and share in 2021 ?