The Mallow flower

I have always been interested in the healing properties of herbs and now more recently flowers. They are the manifested beauty of a planted seed or bulb and as such have utilised all of nature’s elements for that transformation. Each flower holds a unique signature created from the potential energy that surrounds us all. This essence of flowers can be captured in water and then used for healing for they align the body with nature’s harmonious creative order.

The mallow flower grows profusely in the Kentish countryside and this summer it sung to me particularly. It has a graceful presence and is said to unite our polarised feelings so we can think and communicate from the heart.

I commissioned Helen Cousins, a talented botanical artist to paint a mallow flower and she has conveyed the beauty and colours perfectly. I am now using the image on a range of infused healing creams and salves, flower essences and mists I have created. They continue to provide healing vibrations following any physical and emotional therapy.

This is a video that Helen created whist undertaking the commission

Across many cultures all parts of the plant have been used medicinally and for cooking with. This is an excellent link if you are interested to learn more.