Aloha and Covid19

The dissolution and revising of the shared breath

Having spent many wonderful months over the last few years on the island on Hawaii I have come to appreciate a greater sense of the word Aloha.

The aloha of welcome; I am present to see and be with you.

The aloha of connection to that which is already present between us.

The aloha of the sharing of the breath and the space in which we come together.

The aloha for the reverence of life in one another and the environment around us.

The aloha of the recognition of the presence of Divine in another.

The aloha of compassion, unconditional love, benevolence and gratitude.

With aloha comes the vibration of light.

This Paradise of aloha I had grown to love and appreciate temporarily disappeared when Covid19 arrived in February 2020. The factions took to their camps. The local indigenous Hawaiian peoples fearing the illness, shutting off their beaches and telling tourists to go home. Some of the white Americans taking the law into their own hands putting up signs banning the use of the ocean. I could feel the hidden resentments of suppression steadily rising to the surface to be aired.

It is to be remembered that Captain Cook first came to the island in 1778 bringing new diseases which killed many thousands of Hawaiians. Later the missionaries arrived and took land for themselves and proclaimed many of the ancient ways of life unlawful. The extensive knowledge and traditions of the Hawaiians went underground. Fortunately it was retained through hula, chants and stories, passed down the generations.

Thankfully, the Hawaiian peoples are now able to embrace more fully their traditions and values that give this great nation its identity. There is a resurgence of the younger generation honouring their ancestors and living by the importance of their teachings. Diversity and acceptance of all is the way forward as my Hawaiian chant teacher so rightly believes.

I am proud to wear my mask with the words Aloha written in gold. For now the emotional language of the breath is hidden so we communicate in other ways. A smile from the eyes and a nod of the head can say so much.

Let us share the One breath of presence from where we all came and will return to. Make it a promise to yourself and all who you meet to uphold the essence of Aloha.