Lokahi – peace and unity

Unity in freedom to serve each other

All medicine and prayer circles are based on this Hawaiian word of unity, balance and harmony, lokahi. We are present for each other interdependent and yet in relationship with one another’s continuing creation. This loving presence has no bonds, boundaries or connections for it is a verb, consciousness flowing, pure light. 

During these unfamiliar and often fearful times our presence and calmness of being will bring focus and healing. The future is uncertain and yet the present is always here for us. 

How will we embrace the essence of Lokahi in our families, neighbourhood and global community as we witness the changes in the world ? Reflect and ask for guidance in your dreams as you sleep.

Let us learn to co-create wisely with the aina, the land and all that she gives freely to us so that we can equally share in her richness and abundance.

We join hands with all our ancestors and descendants yet to come and with all creative spirits to share these blessings of grace and freedom.

Mahalo, in grateful thanksgiving for the Hawaiian guidance. 

Big Island of Hawaii and Great Britain