Navigating by our cellular magnets

Did you know that one of our primal senses is magnetoreception?

Magnetoreception describes our innate ability to detect and respond to the earth’s magnetic field. We truly do have our own in build compass.Maybe the Aborigines of Australia who go on ‘walkabout’ to meet their families in the outback, a place devoid of recognisable signposts us this innate gift. Indigenous cultures have never lost their ability to know themselves and where they are at any given moment in time. They remember that deep connection with nature, the presence of the habitat that surrounds them, both near and far.

For a long time, scientists have known that there is a substance called magnetite in the abdomen of bees and that homing pigeons navigate by the magnetic waves released from the ocean seabed. Turtles are able to differentiate between the magnetic layers of the rocks and so detect their age. Bacteria, the first single celled organisms also house magnetite. As do we.

Scientific Evidence

Joe Kirschvink, geophysicist at the California Institute of Technology (CIT) has been researching our abilities of magnetoreception and has discovered that they are indeed present and are directionally sensitive.

The HeartMath Institute research shows that when our hearts are in resonance with the geomagnetic field of the earth, our cardiac health and general wellbeing benefits.

HeartMath is also behind Global Coherence Initiative (GCI). Scientists suggest that we are part of a biological feedback loop giving and receiving information with the Earth’s field.

It is time for us all harness this innate ability we have, giving us ever increasing possibilities for a healthier engagement with our bodies. When we are at one with the Earth, we hear her calling .


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