Tune up your immune system in the garden.

The Graviola or Brazilian pawpaw tree (Annona muricata)

I was feeling a bit punky. The lands and people of Hawaii were feeling the effects of the coronavirus and so was I. 

I know that when I start to work in the garden my physiology changes, I feel instantly better as I harmonise with the beauty around me. Plunging my hands into the soil, tending to the needs of others, in this case the plants, herbs and the soil. I always feel so grateful for this centring wellness that floods through me. After I have seen whether the plants are thriving, receiving enough attention, inspirations arise. What to create and for who? How will this particular herb help the health of the body as it continues to support the habitat in which it is thriving?

The Hawaiians are taught to respect all of nature and as we live by this code we cocreate with it. In this way we become one with the God of our understanding. Young children are taught to pick only a few leaves from the young plants allowing it to continue to flourish and continue to be shared by others. Walking around the area in which the plant grows, we feel which welcome us, inviting us to share. The relationship we have with plants is more important than simply foraging them.

Today I pruned the graviola, the soursop tree. It was becoming tall and so later perhaps too difficult to harvest the fruit. I wanted to dry the leaves and make a tea. The leaves have many immune building properties and have been reported as a cure for cancer. The tea has a sweet taste on its own whilst others enjoy it mixed with raw honey.

I am so lucky to be able to experience and tend to all these amazing plants that constantly grow with the volcanic rocks providing a continual source of nourishment and support.