Jabuticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora)

I was ‘awake dreaming’ on how I could help with Coronavirus 19. The image of a tree with black fruit came to me. I knew from my knowledge of elderberries in the UK that they are known to have antiviral properties. Here on the Big Island there is an unusual tree, sometimes kept as a bush called Jabuticaba. It is native in Brazil.

This prolific tree generously supplies fruit two or three times a year. I love the little white flowers that appear first on the trunk releasing a delicious light fresh citrusy/ gardenia smell.

The berries reminded me very much of a blackcurrant yet they are much bigger and not as sour. Unusually, the fruit grows straight from the limb of the tree. To me the berries look like air sacks having direct connections to the branches and trunk. The tree roots hold everything in place as they plunge into the volcanic soil and rock below.

Jabuticaba has many natural phytochemicals; active and unique ingredients bound together in the fruit. Anthrocyanin is a well known phenolic compound found in all dark fruit, including wine but Jabuticaba also contains the less well known type, depsides. Vitamins A , B and C are also present, wonderful for our immune systems.

I have always believed and know that the plant world produces the best combination of ‘natural chemicals’ and each holds a signature vibration to assist us.

Last year I made some syrup and dehydrated the skins and so this year we have made tincture for friends and family to boost our immune systems. It is ideal taken as a preventative when feeling well and also when low in energy. If a fever is present stop as it may add to the inflammation that your body is creating to help you heal. Please contact us if you would like a sample at alison@feelhealshare.com

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