Using Concentra for knee pain

RL had been given a diagnosis of gout. A month earlier he had been taken in an ambulance to hospital with excruciating knee pain where he remained for 3 days on strong pain killing medication. RL had only one kidney, the other was removed 10 years ago and since then he had been more anxious about his health. Recently, he had been taking extra honey to help with a cold and worried that this may have caused further problems. RL was discharged from the hospital with crutches and had not put his foot on the floor for over 5 weeks.

When I first saw RL he was unable to put any weight on the leg and was only able to move the knee a total of 30 degrees without experiencing pain. I asked RL to begin breathing into his body, paying special attention to his heart, feet and knee areas. I started with releasing the tension in the muscles at the front of the hip and then directed him to use the element of water to flush through his kidneys and body. I asked him to note the quality, temperature, type and direction of water he could feel in his body. I suggested adding air and fire to clear the remaining energy, again paying attention to the details of the elements. During this time, RL was continuing to breathe into his feet and up to his heart and gently move the knee. Finally, he breathed the energy down into the Earth connecting it with his kidney and right leg.
Following the 45 minute session, RL was able to place the foot on the floor and walk, his leg was 15 degrees from being straight and he could bend it to 100 degrees.

RL was very happy with the result and realised that the anxiety around his health had prevented a quicker recovery from his pain and loss of mobility.