Amanda sat down. She had arrived for her appointment in what was a turbulent period of her life. She was being asked to flow with many changes and venture into unknown territory. It all felt overwhelming to her. 

“I am really sorry to tell you that I have come to the conclusion that I do not fit in.” She started to cry. “I don’t think you will be very happy with me,” she looked up with a sad inquiring gaze.

“Wonderful,” I said, “that is one of the best things you have ever said to me.” 

How many times have we believed this to be true? Not fitting in with the world around us. I have lost count myself. This belief and associated feelings had made me feel so sad and lonely, abandoned and rejected until I realised the benefit of this notion.

We are unique in this world and as such of course we fit in as there is no one else like us. How can we not! We are part of the great matrix of differences. We are humans with colourful variations and yes we can sometimes be perceived as peculiar and odd, and a little offbeat in our behaviour and ideas. Yet, we all originate from the universal field of all potentials, the source, the divine, the energy of creation and as such display the same foundational qualities. 

It is a joyous experience seeing others living life in all their authenticity .

“When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us” ( John O’Donohue)

In the 15C the word recognize had the implied meaning to ‘resume possession of land.’ In Latin, it is derived from the verb recognoscere which means to acknowledge or know again. 

Our desire is to inhabit our own internal lands whilst living in the cosmos of all time.

Ref John O’Donohue Beauty: The Invisible Embrace