Synchronistic Blessings

The Joy of Flexibility. It was the end of what seemed like a very unsure, challenging and traumatic 3 months. I had become like a washing machine, tumbled and shaken around, vibrating to a different hum that unbalanced me. I had lost a connection somewhere. I wanted to find it again.

There is a flowing spring of water inside all of us, our spirit, essence that never leaves. It is when our attention focuses on seemingly more important matters it appears as if it has run dry.

I knew the feeling and answers would come by quietening the mental analytical mind, inviting in what needed to be seen and observing the physical body with the outer world. Walking in nature has always been a wonderful experience for me. It gives me inspiration as well as a time to reflect on my disturbed thoughts. 

I made a decision to let go of my desire to see my idea of home as I was picturing it, to open to other possibilities. Walking up the narrow Kentish lane as I let it go I heard myself grunt and expel air forcefully. With my next step I encountered a dead male blackbird on the track. He was quietly at peace, wings by his side with no obvious injury. I picked him up and gave thanks for his life and placed him in the bushes. Some would say this was a bad omen encountering death but as we know with every death there is rebirth, the end becomes the beginning. What more was there to learn from the blackbird? I decided to look up the symbolic meaning as well as revisit him in my dreams.

“If we personally realise that synchronicity is at work in our lives ,we feel connected, rather than islolated and estranged from others: we feel ourselves part of a divine, dynamic interrelated universe” (Jean Shinoda Bolen)

I took a muddy track the next day and as I slipped and slide on the wet ground I spotted a silver disc and picked it up. It belonged to a dog called Joules. I laughed when I read the inscription on the back. “I know my way home.” I phoned the number inscribed and returned it to its home. 

I thank the universe for encouraging me to become more flexible. I feel and see the support you are continually giving me. I am on the right track.

Ref: The Tao of Psychology, Synchronicity and the Self, Jean Shinoda Bolen.